From Our Family To Yours

Welcome into our small family business. We are a family that treasure healthy life style and that is where the idea of sharing the spelt love came from. 


I am a mom of three small children. I was born and raised in Krakow, Poland, not far from the oldest Benedictine Monastery in Tyniec. The monastery, which was founded in 1104, is not only a cloistered home to Benedictine monks, but also has an area open to the public where one can learn about Benedictine spirituality, come to know God more intimately, discover the rich, Catholic heritage and culture of Poland, and purchase goods made using traditional monastic recipes.

It was here that I was introduced to St. Hildegard of Bingen, a 10th century Benedictine nun. She was a brilliant, intriguing and inspiring woman who lived in the 10th century. I indulged myself with the many books that described St. Hildegard’s holistic approach to life. Her bits of wisdom were planted in my mind like little seeds that would slowly grow and become intertwined with how I lived my life and eventually how my husband and I would raise our family.

We have been using St. Hildegard’s recipes and advice for good health—mental, physical, and spiritual—ever since our first child was born. Several years and a few children later, we were looking for stress relief remedies for our children. I did not find any therapeutic products on the market that suited our needs. I knew in my heart that St. Hildegard would lead me to an answer.
And she did: spelt! Already a great believer in the benefits of the ancient grain for our dietary needs (as was St. Hildegard), I knew my family could also benefit from using it in our sleep products.

I began sewing pillows for my children using spelt husks as the filler. Our children loved it! My husband and I saw the positive results when they used it. We shared the pillows with our friends and family who also fell in love with the comfort and health benefits of spelt. The demand for our products began!

With my supportive family I was able to take my passions and ideas and create a line of therapeutic sleep products. We knew how beneficial our products
were and believed it was our mission to make them available to others. GAHALO Dreams was born!

Because we created our company for our children, it was only fitting that we name it after them: Gabriela (GA) Hanna (HA) Leon (LO).
Every child and adult deserve a healthy and restful sleep! We hope you try one of our many products and experience the benefits of spelt.

From my family to Yours - Agnieszka Siczek